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Custom Gabby Beaded Bracelet Order

Meet Gabby!¬†She has a lot to say. ūüėČ Each bracelet features a carefully crafted design with a unique word spelled out. Shop all the designs to find your favorite, or¬†send us an email¬†to create your own design!


  1. Choose Your Colors: Let us know what colors you want to include. Borrow inspiration from our other Gabby bracelets, or choose something that's specific to your store. 

  2. Craft Your Design: Horizontal stripes, diagonal stripes, solid colors - we can do it all! Send us a quick description of what you have in mind. 

  3. Add Your Word: What's your mantra or special word? Personalize your bracelet with a unique word that holds significance for your store.



Ready to turn your vision into reality? Simply shoot us an email at wholesale@inkalloy.com to kickstart the customization process. Our team is here to guide you and bring your bracelet dreams to life.