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why your store needs ink+alloy.

Stores all over the country have been selling our products in a BIG way and we want you to get in on the action!

1. $$$

Retailers that keep INK+ALLOY in stock average over $17,000 retail dollars per year. That is around a $1,500 wholesale spend each quarter. In other words, $6,000 wholesale = $17,000+ in retail. WE LIKE THAT MATH!

2. Space

Our average retailer can turn a full display every month! Making $1,300 retail dollars in 1 square foot of space. We suggest two displays to double your turn and $$$. That would be $30,000+ in 2 square feet of space! Plus our minimal display will work in any store aesthetic. Displays are available to purchase for $35 or get one free by purchasing any 40 pairs of earrings on one order.


3. Buying made simple

Too much goodness got ya feeling overwhelmed? We've got you!

Our thoughtfully curated starter packs are full of top sellers that speak to a variety of customers. Thanks to this option, buying just got a whole lot easier. Get a free display stand full of 40 perfectly picked pairs to throw on your counter and start making money right away!

Small square footage + big return, yes please!