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Anika abstract botanical threader earrings Brass


These nature-inspired brass earrings are crafted for the free-spirited fashionista who craves a little eclectic edge. With their abstract leaf silhouettes and elongated threader design, the Anika earrings effortlessly capture the flowing, untamed essence of botanical beauty. As you turn your head, they sway and dance, mimicking the graceful flutter of foliage in a gentle breeze. Talk about bringing the outdoors in! Whether you're frolicking through a sunlit music festival or wandering the bustling city streets, the Anika threaders are guaranteed to spark joy and turn heads. Let their elegant yet whimsical silhouettes elevate any look, from flirty summer dresses to distressed denim and vintage tees.


Comes in a variety of colors.


Colors may fade from sun exposure.