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Stevie diagonal striped beaded headband jewel tone


Get ready to make a statement with Stevie, the diagonal striped beaded headband that's here to add some serious pizzazz to your look! This jewel-toned accessory is ready to take your hair game to the next level with its bold and eye-catching design. Picture this: you're heading out to a festival or a gallery opening, and you need a headband that's as artsy and expressive as you are. Enter Stevie, with her mesmerizing diagonal stripes featuring a rich palette of jewel tones.

The intricate beadwork creates a striking pattern that's sure to spark conversations and inspire compliments wherever you go. But Stevie isn't just about looks - she's comfortable too! The flexible headband design ensures a secure and cozy fit, so you can wear her all day long without any headaches or slippage. Whether you're letting your locks flow freely or rocking a chic updo, Stevie is ready to add some extra flair to your hair.


Comes in a variety of colors.


Colors may fade from sun exposure.